Getting your Home sold, Exterior Impressions.

What does a prospective buyer see first as they approach the home. Most buyers will make a decision on a home within a few minutes so first impressions count.

How do we set up to make the best impression and get it sold.

Exterior of Home: Make sure the doors and painted and clean of dirt. Remember the buyer is waiting for

the agent to get the key and open the door. This time could be a make it or break it moment. If possible power wash the Driveway and the house, if needed. Nothing says bad maintenance like green siding outside. Make sure walkway is free of clutter or debris so the buyers are not on an obstacle course.

Consider mowing the lawn more often so it looks well manicured. If there are plants, make sure all the dead brush is removed and a few flowering bushes is a great touch.

Make sure you walk around the house with your realtor so you can get additional feedback. Remember you are on the same team and it is in the best interest of both to get the home sold and quickly. This is a partnership and works well when both are committed.

I have seen buyers walk away from a home or not stop because they did not like the exterior.

One thing to remember is that if the buyer cannot see themselves living in the house, they will not make an offer and my goal is to remove all excuses from the process.