Getting your home sold:

One thing to remember is that every dollar you spend does not double your return on the house. It may make it more presentable and easy to sell. Certain things should be considered as a house that has very little work to be done commands a better interest among buyers and is also more likely to sell quickly and thus bring prices closer to listing or above.

Things that add value and may bring more dollars would include paint and flooring. It is always a good idea to work with a budget. That way you do not overspend on readiness.

If you find windows with broken seals, note it and it can be fixed before or after the house is under contract. It will be found at inspection so it is better to get ahead of the curve. Other things to look at is replace broken glass before listing and make sure all holes in the walls are patched and painted.

Make sure you have documents for all work that was done and warrantied like Cracks. These are transferable and will sometimes help the buyer decide in your favor.

Also, make sure all work is done with permit as this may lead to complication later and ask for lien waivers on everything that is done by contractors.

Get all your financial documents on the home ready as they may be needed by the Title company or will be required to fill out your TRID disclosure form.

A good realtor can be of immense help in guiding you through this maze and keep you from over improvement.

Remember, once you put the house on the market, it is not your house. It is someone else’s house waiting to be discovered. You can facilitate this by keeping your house clean and available for viewing when requested. That will ho that you are serious about selling your house.

Staging can help purpose rooms and help the buyer see the possibilities. If you are living in the house, make sure to declutter and repurpose rooms for maximum impact. Decluttering helps clear space for movement and makes rooms look larger, (One would not put a King- sized bed in a 10×12 room).

Market timing is everything. Most moves happen during summer as parents are looking for good schools. It takes 6-7 weeks to close on a contract so a contract written in Early may will not close till late June. Add to it the average time from listing to contract, this is based on the inventory in months that is available, as this may be the waiting time before an offer.

Home warranty: Consider a home warranty for the buyer. It covers a lot of the functional systems in the house and is worth the value for the peace of mind. If you are going to do this, make sure you get a company that will also cover the seller as all do not.

We will tackle making the first impression with the exterior next time.

If you have any questions call me and we can get this done.